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One-Line Bio

I'm a longtime Portlander who keeps an eye on the passing political scene, and I can occasionally be seen at its edges, where the light fades nto shadow. That might be me in the back of the Council chambers, or whispering in the ear of a bureau head. In this blog I try to be accurate, but I make no claim to be fair, impartial, or unbiased.


Though I've held elective office only once (a very minor, unpaid office at that), I've enjoyed watching Portland business and politics for decades, and I've known a few of the star players over the years. At a public hearing or city council meeting, you might see me in the back, whispering in someone's ear -- or up at the table, speaking to the board.

In business and politics, Portland is still very much a small town, and some of the people mentioned on this site are people I know and do business with. I sometimes have special interests in my topics that I may not choose to mention, and I welcome comments from others with special interests in anything that I may write about. This is not a newspaper. Rather, it is simply a collection of stories and opinions that I might share with you if we were enjoying a drink after work.